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    Winter for your Team Build?

    The perfect season for your event

    South Africa is a wonderful sunshine country and with an average of more than 2500 hours of sunshine per year, you can make a lot more use of these hours.

    Due to one or other reason most South African company and department managers hide indoors during the colder months of  the year. They decide that the colder months are not the time to do a conference or any team building. We live with the misconception that you can't do an event like this since it is to cold. As mentioned above, South Africa has several hours of sunlight and most of these hours are actually during the winter.

    What is true about winter is this that the early mornings, late afternoon and evenings are chilly to very cold. In contrast our day temperatures from 09:30 until 15:00 are moderate with the average temperatures ranging between 18°C to 24°C. This is the perfect temperature range to have a conference team building event in.

    A quick look at some of the disadvantages of summer:

    • Hot conditions between 9:00 and 16:00
    • High humidity that brings up the discomfort level
    • Higher consumption of beverages
    • Higher risk of heat exhaustion, sunstroke and sunburn
    • Higher venue demand - loosing out on preferred venue
    • Higher team building demand - higher cost and unavailability
    • Larger risk of rain disrupting your event
    • Always have to think about a plan B
    • Challenges with management to attend due to fewer calendar options

    A quick look at the advantages of winter:

    • Cooler temperatures, but moderate enough to do team building in
    • Chances of rain are slim
    • A great number of indoor activities are available
    • Greater chance of venue availability
    • Greater chance of team building option availibility
    • Negotiations on price or extras are easier
    • Easier to match calendars with management

    Just looking at the pros and cons that are mentioned above it is easy to see that there are several advantages of organising your conference and team building during the colder months of the year.

    Don't hesitate and give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

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