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    Wonderful memories

    Art & Culture

    Team Building

    Explore the artistic side

    Detail Matters

    You will be surprised at the skill required

    Team building and conferences are most of the times hard work. Teams have only a couple of tea breaks and lunch in between to get away from the workload that must be battled through.


    The team building activities that form part of this category is:

    • Afriwood
    • Drumming
    • Wine Blending
    • Mobile Massage
    • Boomwhacking
    • Gumboot Dancing
    • Just Paint
    • Recession Fashion Show
    • African Beadwork


    Have a look at them and you will be amazed to find that they are not what they seem to be. There is more to life than being normal Great for Team Build.

    Like human beings, a wine’s taste is going to depend a great deal on its origins and its upbringing.
    Linda Johnson-Bell


    Create your advert

    Ad making gives you the opportunity to direct, act or be a camera man during your team building event. This is a great opportunity for the whole group to interact and be part of an advertisement production. Groups act, direct and film their advertisement. This is then shown as an uncut version to the participants to judge and award those for best director, actor and ad. Great team building activity - fun for a group with spunk and vibe! All the adverts are edited and given to you just after the event.


    African Djembe drums

    AFRICA DRUMMING - one hour drumming team building activity and learning the basic rhythms with the help of our facilitators.


    Each participant receives his/her own drum for the session. From keeping your wedding guests busy while you take photos to having a team building activity just before dinner. This is a fun activity! Drumming is ideal around a camp fire in the bush in a boma or conference room in Sandton.

    Wine Blending

    Blend your wine to your taste

    In your team build activity we give you all that you need in making the best possible wine that you can master by blending different cultivars of wine. From a selection of different cultivars from some of the best vineyards of South Africa you start blending and testing small amounts of different cultivars so that your team will find the exact combination for a brilliant wine.


    After you have blended these wines you will start bottling them and designing the label.


    This is an amazing team building event for your team to take more than just team building home.

    Wine Blending Team Building

    Mobile Massage

    Treat your team

    This is the ultimate pampering team building experience - with a full back, neck, shoulder and foot massage.


    But should you wish that we concentrate only on your back - your wish will be granted. If you have specific areas with knots that need to be attended to - then they will be massaged out. You are under our hands for your relaxation for an hour. We bring all the equipment and oils needed - you just need to relax!


    Quick - fun - energetic

    Using boomwhackers as a team building activity is an amazing way to energise a group or team with a short fun filled session in the boardroom.


    Welcome to the wonderful world of boomwhackers! Boomwhackers are long colourful tubes that produce various tones when you beat them together or on your hand.

    If you have more time available then we can make use of boomwhackers in or as part of a team building session or day. Boomwhacking can almost be seen an equivalent to drumming except that is more mobile, easier to control, more movement and more cost effective to you as the client.

    Boomwhacking is an activity that should not be missed. Get in contact with us for more information on how we can make your team building event a successful one with the help of Boomwhacking.

    Gumboot Dancing

    Feel the rhythm in your feet

    Another truly African experience team building activity!


    Learn the history of gumboot dancing and the different styles that are performed and then be amazed by the foot and handwork of your facilitator. It is time to learn the basic steps in your own pair of gumboots!


    Gumboot dancing is a great team building activity fun for teams to work together in synchronisation!

    • Pair of gumboots for every participant
    • Pair of clean socks for every participant
    • Foot powder and spray for those that want


    Please note that all our gumboots and socks get washed and disinfected after every team building event. Your health is our concern.

    Just Paint

    Imagination wild on canvas

    Just Paint gives you the chance to feel Picasso or Michelangelo during your team building event.


    Now is your chance to be an artist in your own rite. Use this team build activity to put your creative ideas or the company's vision for the future on canvas.


    • Canvases are blocked
    • Your own provisional artist on hand
    • Number of canvases depended on group size
    • Washable paint


    Your art is immediately available after the event or if you want us to do finer finishing touches, we can do them for you. If so - we will return your art pieces to you within a week and these can be displayed on counters or on a wall as a single piece of group artwork.


    One of the great team building activities!

    Recession Fashion Show

    Not for the faint of heart

    Experience a team build with designer wear and difference and see how creative your team can be to be awarded the lucrative trophy of Recession Fashion Show.


    Teams have to create designer wear with the equipment and materials (newspapers and plastic bags) that we give to them. After all the cutting and pasting they have to wear it in a Recession Fashion Show so that we - the judges - can decide who will be the winners of this great team building activity. Great fun with pumping music during the show and a lot of laughs!

    All the photo's that are taken by us during the team building event will be saved and forwarded to you for your memories.

    African Beadwork

    Not as easy as it looks

    We enjoy challenging our clients to experience new and different activities that they might have wondered about. African beadwork is one of those activities that will challenge you and your team because the simplest things in life is normally the hardest to master.

    It takes skill, knowledge and a quick hand to create some of the most amazing pieces of artwork known to tourists and South Africans alike – African Beadwork. Get inspired by the artists and their creations and see your creative juices come alive as you create your own small master piece of African Beadwork. Create a larger piece that reflects your department or company's vision or goal.


    Team Building

    We all have a craving for adventure and this is your opportunity to grab onto adventure and bring the best or worst out of your team.