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    Wonderful memories


    Team Building

    attitude matters

    Get Challenged

    Activities with an outcome

    They are amazing activities that bring out the child in you but also ensure that the team work together to ensure success. A combination of general team building activities with some of the other categories activities will ensure that your group will be kept busy from one hour to a whole day or even two.


    The team building activities that form part of this category is:

    • Spud Scud
    • Archery
    • Mind Games
    • In It 2 Win It
    • Bottle Rocket
    • Designer Bricks


    Have a look at them and you will be amazed to find that they are not what they seem to be.


    Meaning to the word

    For any successful relationship between two you need to have trust. Without trust you will never reach success personally or in business.

    Mind Games

    Lateral thinking tasks

    These activities are great to adapt to your team build program or to your goal of your conference. They will amaze most of your group as they face the problem at the start and receive the solution in the end. These activities are also great way to fill an afternoon after a conference room session. Give us a call so that we can help customize your team build event.

    Spud Scud

    Potato Cannon

    There is nothing more thrilling than to shoot something with a projectile - SPUD SCUD the next step in team build activities.


    Teams need to take a potato and shove it down like a good old front loader gun then pump it up so that the chamber reach the acquired pressure of 5 bar. Take aim and shoot that air canon so that you can hit the placed target. Spud Scud (potato gun shooting) is a thrilling and exceptionally fun team building activity.


    Recurve Bow

    Archery is one of the oldest arts of ancient times which are still practised today by means of team building.


    From its first development until the 1500s, the bow was man's constant companion and has been the most widely used of all weapons in recorded history. From prehistoric time on, archery has played an important role in many of the world's civilizations.


    Enigma Adventures will give you a "101" lesson in archery and let you experience archery in a way you have never imagined. The target that we use doesn't require you to shoot as close as possible to the centre, you can shoot wherever you want on the target and score points for your team. This promotes team participation from all members in the group and creates the atmosphere for a great competition between groups.

    In It 2 Win It

    Awesome group activity

    Based on the popular game show called Minute To Win It - Enigma Adventures has created In It 2 Win It with it's own flavour and games.


    The group will be divided into groups and each team member will choose the activity that they will compete in. After having several minutes to practice for their activity, each member of every team will then compete against each other. This way a great competition is created, and the teams go head to head from start to finish with a lot of excitement and fun!


    Who will be the champions of the In It 2 Win It Game Show of your company.

    Bottle Rocket

    A blast of success

    3... 2... 1... LIFT-OFF! And we have lift-off of the first unmanned rocket by company X! Plan, build and launch your own rocket in this fun filled team building activity.


    "One small step for man but one giant leap for mankind." this was Neil Armstrong famous quite when landing on the moon. Well we're not going to get you to the moon but with Bottle Rocket you will be able to go head to head and see which team builds the best rocket that will go the highest or furthest. You will also build different types of bottle rockets that use different types of fuel for propulsion. Let's see who will get just that little bit closer to the moon!

    Designer Bricks

    LEGO© just got better

    LEGO© the building blocks that you can create anything you ever dreamed of. Challenge your team to build the company vision or department strategy.


    With LEGO© block you will be provided with a challenge to create the structure from the plan given or let your creative juices run wild and build according to the brief given to you. But there will be a couple of twists with a number of challenges thrown into your way to break your speed or just to frustrate you. These are all determined by the dice you roll. Designer Bricks is an event that is great fun and with explosive energy!

    Art & Culture

    Team Building

    These activities where created to challenge your team with being more creative out of their comport zone.