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    We are proud of our history in presenting activities to the highest standard and that these team building activities are compatible with almost every training and development course that has been created for the corporate training environment.

    The combination of these two elements for your corporate event can ensure that you reach your goals for your department and ultimately your company. We work hand in hand with Metro Minds a corporate training company that has SETA accreditation that can provide you with the following courses.


    • Empower yourself
    • Emotional Intelligence - the new approach to leadership
    • Motivating the Mind
    • Creative Thinking
    • Building efficient teams by achieving goals


    • Surviving Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Coaching & Mentoring
    • Conflict Conquering
    • Time Management - Working smarter, not harder


    • Meaningful Messages
    • Performance & Productivity
    • Selecting: Making the right choice
    • Customer is King
    • Successful Selling

    Everybody knows what amount of work goes into putting together a conference for your company. Enigma Adventures will assist from finding a suitable conference venue and team building activities to the small gifts that you want to give to conference delegates.


    Through all of this you have to work with a budget and ensure that you get the best possible team building package for what you pay for. Enigma Adventures can help from start to finish and ensure the success of your event.


    Enigma Adventures can assist you with:

    • Team building activities
    • Team building venue bookings
    • Transport
    • Visual and sound equipment
    • Event catering
    • Conference registration
    • Corporate gifts
    • Décor and equipment hire


    Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your conference planning.

    Every event is unique in its own right and must be treated as such. That is why Enigma Adventures is one of the team building companies that take time to listen to your needs and what you would like to achieve with the event.


    All of the team building activities mentioned on our website are available on demand and can be presented on your request at most team building venues.This is no problem for Enigma Adventures! We will find whatever you require and make your dream team building event a reality.


    If we can't present the activity or activities ourselves then we will get you the experts in the field that you requested. No matter where your team building event and what you require for your event - Enigma Adventures is your one stop event coordinating company.


    Enigma Adventures can assist you in:

    • Team building activities
    • Team building venue bookings
    • Transport
    • Visual and sound equipment for corporate events
    • Event catering
    • Team building registration
    • Corporate gifts
    • Décor and equipment hire

    Enigma Adventures can recommend the following conference venues for your corporate or team building event. All of these conference venues have excellent conference facilities and will cater for all your conference requirements.


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    To ask for help doesn't cost you a sent and that is why we want to encourage you to get in contact with us should you need any assistance in your next event.