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    Team Building

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    There is so much to do & so little time

    There is nothing like a great adventure and exploring new and interesting things that you only wondered about. All of the adventure team building activities are about experiencing something new in a format that is fun and promotes team work.


    We know that teams are always looking for something new and adventurous to do. Then look no further and have a look at these Adventure Team Building Activities:

    • Taxi 2 Soweto
    • GPS Orientation
    • SURVIVA Challenge
    • Amazing Race
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Race the City


    This is the start of an amazing team building adventure for your team.

    Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.
    Irving Wallace

    Taxi to Soweto

    History Calls

    Make your team building activity a history lesson with TAXI 2 SOWETO!



    For years a lot of South Africans have read and seen stories about Soweto and all that has happened there over the past 60 to 70 years. It got very well known during the apartheid days and the struggle towards our democratic elections in 1994. It was also here where the student uprising began that sparked a revolution across South Africa amongst black school students. Soweto has a great history of events and culture that makes it alive for any one visiting it!

    TAXI 2 SOWETO is built on an amazing race concept and will not only take the clients to Soweto as a tourist but will let them experience the vibe and energy that makes Soweto such an amazing place. Groups will consist of five to six people that will be riding in a TAXI. The difference here is that you have to tell the driver where to go and search for the places by using the means that is governed by the rules of the race.

    GPS Orientation

    Find your way

    Let us teach you how to use a GPS (Global Positioning System) during your team building event.


    Either orientate between team building activities or to clues that you have to complete successfully before you will be given your next GPS position. We can tailor make the team building event to your needs. This activity is a lot of fun for the unfit to those that really are willing to go to the extreme.

    Surviva Challenge

    Does your team have what it takes

    Teams compete against each other in team building activities that put your mental powers more to the test than physical. Each team receives coloured shirts with either the Surviva logo printed on it or a logo that you have supplied to us.


    We adapt the program with team building activities according to your group size and time available. All the team building activities that are used during the SURVIVA challenge will have been chosen by you and we guide in in making the right choices for your event.


    After all the action we have a prize giving ceremony that rewards the winning team and individuals for elements that they have contributed during the day.

    Custom made EVRIS, bandannas as in the original SURVIVOR Series, can be supplied to our clients with their design as approved by them. Ideal if you want to have your company logo and colours branded onto the EVRI. You are welcome to contact them directly.

    Amazing Race

    It is more than just a race

    The Amazing Race team building activity is a great way to get to your final destination and cutting out a boring trip.


    The amazing race can also be presented as a full day team building activity to enable your team to get to know each other better or the region. Teams are given clues and directions and can only continue once they have solved the riddle or completed the team building task before they can receive their next clue to continue their journey. First team to arrive at the final destination and complete the final team building activity will be the winners of the Amazing Race.


    The event can be done as a race from point A to point B with your own or supplied vehicles or on location at a large venue.

    Treasure Hunt

    Follow instructions

    From limited- to wide open spaces - Treasure Hunt a great team building activity.


    This is one of the activities that will definitely take you back to your childhood years. Placing activities at different points, teams must negotiate the terrain with only a map. This is great to test your groups' knowledge of the company or products by placing questions at the different points. These questions are intertwined with activities that we provide. This activity can act as an ice breaker or closing a conference session.

    Race the City

    More than exploration

    The bus tour of City Sightseeing Joburg takes a route through the city and neighbourhoods of Johannesburg and gives us the perfect backdrop for an incredible amazing race. The buses of this tourist attraction in Johannesburg follow a route past some of the most impressive sights in and around Johannesburg.

    With over ten stops it will give you an opportunity to see the city of Johannesburg in a way you have never done before. Absorb the sounds, smells and taste Joburg in this way through our amazing race called RACE THE CITY.


    Other cities where Race the City is presented:

    • Cape Town
    • Durban



    Team Building

    SIt is the thrill of competition and pushing yourself to unknown limits that you normally wont. Take your team with you!