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    Wonderful memories


    Team Building

    Fear is all in your mind

    Be the Master

    Activities with an outcome

    Adrenalin team building activities are those team build activities that will get your heart pumping by just thinking about them and after you have done it, make your heart race again.


    It is these team building activities that you will remember for years to come and even if you don't do any one of them ever again - you have the given rite to tell your grandchildren one day.


    The team building activities that form part of this category is:

    • Abseil
    • Mall Hol
    • Inflatables
    • Raft Building
    • River Rafting
    • Draadkar Races


    Experience is normally the best reward. Go ahead and try them!


    I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
    Thomas Jefferson
    3rd US President


    Controlled Decent

    Abseiling is one of the team building activities that truly tests your willpower and belief in yourself.


    Abseiling is one of the safest activities for recreation and team building in the world. If you want your team to have a personal growth team build activity - then this is it. Face your fear, get into a harness, do an abseil and know that you can achieve anything in the world that you set your mind to. 

    Mall Hol

    Amazing Race in Shopping Mall

    The Mall Amazing Race is a team building activity for everyday - no matter what the weather conditions outside.


    Come and experience an amazing race in a shopping mall. Teams start with a lunch or drinks before they start to race against each other from one event or shop to the other. First team to complete all their tasks and arriving first at the end will be victorious. Teams close off the team building event with late lunch or drinks and a prize giving.


    More than just Inflated obstacles

    Inflatables is a fun filled team building event with five inflatable obstacles in combination with five team building activities in between.


    These team building activities are all combined into a course of ten obstacles that a team must complete in the fastest possible time. The faster the time the more pressure you put on the other team. This team building activity can be presented either wet or dry depending on the season.

    Raft Building

    Get your barrels together

    Raft Building is a great team building activity for teams that truly want to put themselves onto the platform of what they have done.


    Staying dry is really up to how well you have constructed your raft and how well you can plan ahead and taking potential conditions into consideration. How well can your team plan and work together to stay afloat during your team build?

    River Rafting

    Test a relationship

    River Rafting is surely one of the most adrenalin pumping team building activities.


    Relaxing water flowing by and laying on your raft while the guide paddles for you isn't quite the case when you come for river rafting team building event with us. Make yourself ready for fun in the sun and testing your skills of balance on the water. You don't have to be a master swimmer or have any experience in a raft. The equipment supplied to you will help you to make this experience a memorable one.

    Draadkar Races

    Don't get your wires in a knot

    Enigma Adventures brings the kid back to team building activities - Draadkar Races.


    For your team build all the necessary equipment and material are supplied so that you and your team can construct your own "draadkar". You are also responsible for decorating the "draadkar". All of the teams' "draadkarre" must be able to race during the final race.


    Let the child come out during your team building event!


    Team Building

    With more than 20 mind game activities to choose from, you can ensure your team is challenged to the full with the five you select.