in it 2 win it

Based on the popular game show called Minute To Win It - Enigma Adventures has created In It 2 Win It with it's own flavour and games.

Iinit 2 Winit

Ever wondered how it will feel to compete in a game show? Wonder no more In It 2 Win It is here. We have taken some of the activities from the popular show and also created several of our own!

Each team will receive the same set of activities that they then need to practice for. As soon as the practice time is over the teams will be asked to send their representative for the specific task to the front to compete against one another in In It 2 Win It. With the clock ticking away on the big screen and the sound of the theme song playing in the background teams focus to finish their tasks within one minute.

Who will be the champions of the In It 2 Win It Game Show of your company.

Any area.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost for 15 people but 6 people can do it.

Up to 250 people plus can be accommodated

One to three hours.


Disabled can take partPG6Day and NightIndoor and outdoorFitnes level 1

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