gumboot dancing

Another truly African experience team building activity!

Gumboot Dancing

Learn the history of gumboot dancing and the different styles that are performed and then be amazed by the foot and handwork of your facilitator. It is time to learn the basic steps in your own pair of gumboots! Gumboot dancing is a great team building activity fun for teams to work together in synchronisation!

  • Pair of gumboots for every participant
  • Pair of clean socks for every participant
  • Foot powder and spray for those that want

Please note that all our gumboots and socks get washed and disinfected after every team building event. Your health is our concern.

Any location.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost for 15 people but 4 people can do it.

To keep it a great social event we do not recommend more than 120 people.

45 min to one and a half hours depending on group size.


Disabled can not take partPG6Day and NightIndoor and outdoorFitnes level 1

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