Abseiling is one of the team building activities that truly tests your willpower and belief in yourself.


Abseiling is one of the safest activities for recreation and team building in the world. If you want your team to have a personal growth team build activity - then this is it. Face your fear, get into a harness, do an abseil and know that you can achieve anything in the world that you set your mind to.

Height is a must! Abseiling can be presented from a building or a rock face. Inspection of potential site is a must.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost for 15 people but one person can do it.

Time is the biggest problem and the number of hours in a day.

A group of 12 will take roughly 1 hour depending on terrain and site.


Disabled can not take partPG10DayOutdoorFitnes level 1

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