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      Team building is about reaching goals
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    Your Diversity

    Companies are diverse in so many ways and that is why it is important for Enigma Adventures to cater for every clients diverse needs within their budget.

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      If you are only interested in one or two activities due to time constraints, please indicate by selecting "YES" in the selection field below. If your event is running over one full day or several days and you are interested in three or more activities and you want a special quote worked out for you as a package. Please select "NO" in the field below and choose the activities accordingly.

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      Know your team

      You know your team better than anyone and creating an event that will suite everyone's taste is a challenge at best. Choosing the correct team building activities for an event is just as important as the attitude of the participants in the activity.

      A Variety

      to choose from


      Team Building

      Go the extra mile and challenge your team.


      Team Building

      Not to strenuous and easy to setup for your event.

      Art & Culture

      Team Building

      You will be surprised with what you can achieve.


      Team Building

      Every day is not boring - it is what you do in the day.

      All The Planning

      and missing the obvious.


      Winter is great for Events

      While most team building events happen in the warmer seasons in South Africa, we sometimes forget that winter is an absolute win win season for having your team building event.

      Plan "B"

      Don't forget

      When you are planning your team building event, especially in the summer, confirm with the venue if they have an indoor facility available should the weather turn for the worst and you need to head for cover.

      Enigma Adventures can consult with the venue, if you like, to confirm the space available and what we can provide as a Plan B should we need to make use of the space.


      Facilitators with heart

      Enigma Adventures has a proud tradition of employing facilitators that have the experience and skill to interact with clients and present our activities safely.


      Facilitators with heart

      Since the start of Enigma Adventures in 2000 we have been focused on delivering corporate events that are of the highest standard within our clients budgets.


      Having experience and well trained facilitators forms part of our goal in presenting professional well planned events that are exciting and presented safely and in a safe environment.


      The core group of facilitators of Enigma Adventures has been with the company for more than 10 years. This creates an environment of stability and provides a knowledge pool to the benefit of all current and future facilitators. We have also the benefit of engaging with our retired facilitators that have moved on into the private sector. They provide Enigma Adventures with critical information, ideas and feedback to ensure we keep on providing a world class team building service.


      Out team is looking forward to presenting an event that you will never forget.

      ART & Culture

      Not to be frowned upon

      If running around and standing in the sun is not your thing or your group just want to do something that is totaly different from the normal - then consider an activity in our Art & Culture Team Building activity list.

      We have several options available ranging from drumming to African beadwork. If that doesn't in your taste then maybe a wine or coffee blending event. Give us a call should you need more information.


      Get your pant dirty

      If you have the perfect venue or a venue in mind where you and your team can get drenched in mud then consider one of our adventure team building activities in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

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